Unboxed Industries

Who We Are:

Welcome to UnBoxed Industries, where thinking outside the box is the norm. We are the first truly scalable engineering firm that relies on our own Distributed Engineering concept to bring our clients the best results at the lowest cost. We are a woman and Veteran owned business currently located in California.

Why We Are Different:

Every day throughout the United States there are engineers, developers, designers, and other professionals who are between jobs, under-employed, or just looking for another project to work on. We capitalize on this untapped potential and deliver it to our clients.   

Distributed Engineering – is a model in which the responsibilities of the development of an engineering project are shared among multiple engineers and professionals. Each project will have as large or as small of a team as needed to meet development needs. In our model, the individual project components are spread out across multiple individual “development cells”, seamlessly aggregated by the use of online collaborations tools.

A development cell can be as small as one person, or as large as an entire engineering department. The concept of distributed engineering relies on the use of people and equipment at what would normally be a downtime (ie. Between projects, or after normal work hours).

How It Works:

Virtually no job is too small or too big here at UnBoxed Industries, since we are completely scalable. On our submit quote page you will see two different sections. The first section is an application section that tells us about our prospective clients, and also includes a non-disclosure to protect both parties. The next section tells us about the overall concept of the design or project to include timeline and type of compensation. Clients may choose to offer any combination of monetary and or incentive compensation.

Once we have the completed application our team will review the documents and distribute them as needed to team members. Those team members will review the requirements and submit any requests for clarification. Once everyone has a good handle on what the project entails, the development cells will individually propose quotes for the areas they specialize in. On the quote will be how many hours they will need, what their compensation would need to be, and when they can have their piece accomplished.

The client will then be able to assemble a team from the available quotes available and negotiate a timeline of expectations. At this point, once the agreement has been reached, the process is much the same as with larger enterprises. One difference is that the client has the opportunity to choose their own team, and truly be involved in the design process. The client can choose any or all of the possible design cells depending on what they are comfortable doing. Say the client is an electronic engineer, but just needs a mechanical engineer and graphic designer, they can just choose what they want.

The other major difference is in compensation. Some clients have great ideas, but little financial backing. One of the great points of distributed engineering is that professionals are more likely to go out on a limb and accept non-monetary compensation for a project when it is not their main source of income. In some cases, UnBoxed may be willing to exchange non-monetary compensation for compensating some design cells. 

Final Note:

Every day someone has a great idea. Some choose to put that idea in a box and save it until they can “afford” to bring it to fruition. Boxes are where great ideas go to die. Allow us to help you to put your great ideas where they belong, in the hands of great customers.